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Where is the file containing<head><body> for the portal located?

Started by Cool Chimp, 13. Nov 2010, 09:16:45

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Cool Chimp

13. Nov 2010, 09:16:45
I have some jScripts to install but in order for them to work I need to place a code before the </head> tag.

Where can I find these tags for the portal? Where do you find these tags period lol?



13. Nov 2010, 09:26:11
|I Use: SMF 2.0.5 | PortaMx 1.51
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Cool Chimp

13. Nov 2010, 10:31:03
Quote from: Cool on 13. Nov 2010, 09:26:11

That gets me part of the way there lol. Which file is it located in?

What I'm trying to do should work right (if I do it correctly)? I'm installing 'sliding boxes' jScript and paste some code before </head> and then another code before </body>. I think I can just add the <body> code in to a script block, so I'll only be adding the one code before </head>.

Thanks for the help!!!


13. Nov 2010, 17:44:01
you can add css and javascript in the SMF variable $context['html_headers'] like:
$context['html_headers'] .= '<script type="text/javascript" src="'. $settings['default_theme_url'] .'/myjava.js"></script>

But .. this MUST be done before the header is send.

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Cool Chimp

14. Nov 2010, 13:02:59
Getting a bit beyond my comfort level lol. I'll have to either hire someone or not pursue the jScripts.

Thanks for the input though!

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