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Updating PortaMx from version 1.51

Started by FragaCampos, 24. Aug 2016, 06:27:36

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10. Sep 2016, 21:46:47
Yes it is.

I can only give him access to the block edition with admin privileges.

The strangest thing is that he can't edit, but if I do this the errors in the log start appearing again.
Resuming: I can only give effective edition rights with admin, but the errors appear whether I put him in the moderator or admin group in Access Settings.


18. Sep 2016, 00:50:41
Well .. I can't solve this issue .. if I do the same on a clean system, all works as well ...

You can uninstall all other mods and test again.
If it works, install one mod and test again.
do this until the error comes up and you have found the problem .. then I can give help.
Many are stubborn in relation to the path, a few in relation to the target.

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